Tuesday, April 7, 2015

2014 Year at a glance

Sun River March '14                                

                                                              bubble bath March '14

                                                                    Indo ponders life April '14

Garden seedlings April '14

Trout fishing at Coffenbury lake April '14

Grammy & Grandpa visit May '14


Tyler grinning June '14

Tyler 7th Birthday breakfast June '14

Tyler 7th Birthday cake June '14


Robert graduates DPSST June '14

                                                       Robert graduates DPSST June '14

Graduation BBQ victory smokes June '14


                                                        Dishwashers June '14


Chris enjoys a carrot June '14

Buffalo Wild Wings day before cath June '14

Out of cath lab June '14

Morning following cath lab June '14

trout fishing coffenbury June '14

Rob's salmon birthday cake July '14

Lost tooth July '14

Hike to falls August '14

Falls August '14

Tyler plays ball August '14

Garden progress August '14

Home grown cucumbers August '14

Chris makes plum jam August '14

Genie Tyler September '14

                                                        New hiding place September '14

                                                      Chris imitates Tony September '14

Waikiki Beach September '14

Crab season September '14

Pulling pots October '14


                                                            Free crab limits October '14

Crab feed October '14

trying to understand October '14

Post op Fontan October '14


                                                       trying to play in ICU october '14


                                                      not feeling good but moved to peds october '14

Life is better with pizza October '14

a smile October '14

movie night October '14

No pictures mom October '14

                                                           Happy to be home!  October '14

Readmitted on Halloween, but got a cool power ranger costume October '14

feeling better sleeping with mom
November '14

Hanging with big bro November '14

Home again?  November '14


finally a real bath!  November '14

back at hospital but just checking up November '14

Go go power rangers November '14

art with mom November '14

funny hats November '14

                                                           Christmas fair December '14

Union Christmas party shopping December '14

tinkering December '14

He likes this costume a little December '14

vintage porch snowmen and two boys December '14


Christmas eve '14

Superman cape from Aunt Sabrina! December '14

gift from secret santa december '14

                                                                Sunny day in January '15

Chris birthday breakfast February '15

birthday ear infections February '15


Chris' 5th birthday party Feb '15


being silly 

park ranger costume from grampa Gene and Joann! Feb '15

I have at least one more month of pictures.  But if I don't post now I'll be even more than a year and a bit behind!!!!  Much love to all.  This has been a year of highs and lows.  Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers throughout.  We love you!